why keralaI completed editing WHY KERALA, GRAMPA? in February of 2009.  Thoughts of what to do with the movie when it was finished began to haunt me. I love to make movies.  Selling them is another thing. Dealing with distributors, film festivals, film critics and promotion have not been chores I relish.  Successful distribution is a full time job requiring thick skin, bravado and schmooze. When I discovered a streaming video site that offered a pay-per-view component for which, after set up costs, I was charged only when viewers actually paid for viewing the movie, I was delighted.  No DVDs in a landfill 10,000 years.


oregon messageI discovered that, relatively easily, I could put up some of those older movies that were sitting on a shelf in the studio gathering dust.  An Oregon Message, Roger Baldwin, Along the Path, Deep in the Park and LA VUELTA, A Journey Back, have all found their way to the website. 

Worker Owned: In their Own Words  and Agamemnon’s Children will be available for viewing soon.



roger baldwinThese projects have been an excuse to know hundreds of human beings, at least a little bit. I learn about them in their context, in their place, in their words.  Through the camera and for many hours later in editing I study ‘us’.  Kindly, people seem to answer even my silliest questions.  More often than not they protect me from my own ignorance and help me to see. These movies are a quiet celebration of the extraordinary decency, goodwill and generosity of most human beings most of the time. From their stories of struggle and pain I discern the shadows of our darker side.


roger baldwinTo have had the opportunity, however fleetingly, to stand in the shoes of others and glimpse their world and share it with you is a joy and privilege.

Peace tom chamberlin 

PORTRAIT OF ROGER BALDWIN, founder of the ACLU at 87 years of age.

OREGON MESSAGE with images of Oregon and poetry by WILLIAM STAFFORD.