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Hampton RodriquezOriginally from the Dominican Republic, Hampton Rodriguez, received a fine arts education and degree from the school of  Art and Design in Barcelona, Spain. His work reflects his Caribbean heritage, his life in Portland and his classical arts education.  For over ten years Hampton has lived in North Portland and been active in the Alberta arts community.  His work pulses with vitality and reminds us of the distinct uniqueness we each bring to the scene of our shared lives.  His work is egalitarian and filled with mystery. Hampton is a humanist who paints us all with love. 

Parkrose, Portland, Oregon, was Richard Blakeslee’s home turf in the 1940s and '50s until he joined the Air Force motion picture school in 1962.  Rich has photographed, edited and produced hundreds and hundreds of movies for 50 years in Portland, Hollywood, Washington D.C. and points unknown across the planet.  His passion, that takes him away from the exhaustion of organizing and making movies, has always been still photography.

Richard’s photography searches out the quiet secure places in our lives. His landscapes of Oregon stop us, for a moment, we are filled with an ineffable sense of quiet, stillness that often eludes us in post modern urban life.

Richard BlakesleeRichard and Hampton have made their work available for me to sell to support a project I am beginning.  After the cost to reproduce  these prints is recouped ½ of the income will go to the video/movie project .  The opportunity to sell their remarkable work as a means to secure funding for my own project, is a privilege. For many of us regarded as artists it is much easier to promote the work of our friends than our own.  Thank you for purchasing these prints to support the video movie documentary:

OUR COMMON HUMANITY: Walkabout in three parts

Part One
Lockheed Martin, Conversations with Workers

Part Two
Cuba, Island of Well Being?

Part Three
Mexican Trails